• Who are you and why are you qualified to teach me?

    I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher, an art educator, and artist who loves to play with new ideas. Working in watercolor, pen and ink, botanical alchemy and illustration, nature has a heavy influence on much of my work. I have taught and exhibited both domestically and internationally in multiple mediums and regularly work with varied populations. I am the owner of my own Art Studio and practice, Whimsy by Kelly, you can find me in my studio located in the historic district of Allentown in Downtown Buffalo NY inside Hiraeth House. I believe art is for everyone, my youngest student is 4 and my oldest is 97. You can do this, you just have to remember that your imagination is magic. I have taught thousands of students, from all over the world in the last decade and I would be honored to teach you too.

  • How many classes are there a month?

    There will be 2 recorded classes, they drop into the course on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month. In addition there is a live class that includes a project and Q&A.

  • What is Zentangle?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Zentangle! I'm Kelly Barone, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and I'm thrilled to introduce you to this mesmerizing and meditative art form. Zentangle is all about embracing the beauty of simplicity and finding creativity in unexpected places. It's like a dance between your pen and paper, where you create intricate patterns and tangles, one stroke at a time. As a CZT, my passion lies in guiding others on this soul-enriching journey. The practice begins with a blank piece of paper and a black pen. Don't worry about the outcome or your artistic skill; in Zentangle, there are no mistakes, just opportunities for exploration. We start by focusing on our breath, clearing our minds, and letting go of any worries or distractions. It's a moment of pure mindfulness, where the outside world fades away, and you become fully present in the creative process. Next, we introduce the concept of "string" - a simple pencil-drawn shape that will guide your tangles. These shapes can be anything - a curvy line, a circle, a square - the possibilities are endless. Now comes the exciting part: choosing tangle patterns from our vast repertoire. Each pattern has a unique name and can range from organic to geometric, from flowing to structured. The magic lies in how we combine these patterns within the string, creating a harmonious and captivating piece of art. As you tangling progresses, you might find yourself lost in the rhythm of your pen strokes, the repetitive nature of the patterns leading to a state of "flow" - a blissful, meditative state where time seems to stand still. The stress melts away, and you'll discover a newfound sense of tranquility and focus. But Zentangle isn't just about personal relaxation; it's a communal and collaborative practice. We share our creations with each other, drawing inspiration from our fellow tanglers and celebrating the diversity of styles and interpretations. Being a CZT is an immense privilege as I get to witness the transformation in my students' lives. I see them build confidence in their creativity, embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth, and cultivate a sense of inner peace that extends beyond the Zentangle practice. So, whether you're a seasoned artist or someone who believes they have no artistic bone in their body, I invite you to try Zentangle. It's an adventure of self-discovery, an oasis of calm in our fast-paced world, and a beautiful reminder that we are all capable of creating something extraordinary one stroke at a time. Let's tangle together!

  • What is botanical drawing?

    Ah, the enchanting world of botanical drawing – a captivating journey into the intricate beauty of nature! If you are new to this, I'm absolutely delighted to introduce you to the art of botanical drawing. As an artist who is excited by details, this is one of my favorite things. Nature calls to me and I hope it will to you as well. Botanical drawing is a celebration of the natural world, a chance to slow down and truly observe the exquisite details of plants and flowers. With pencil (or pen) in hand we embark on this artistic exploration, seeking to capture the essence of botanical subjects and train our eyes to notice the tiny things that together define what we are drawing. Before we begin to draw, we take a moment to connect with the subject, to understand its unique characteristics. This connection is the heart of our botanical drawing practice, infusing our artwork with an authentic representation of the living plant. As we put pencil to paper, we emphasize the detail. We aren't striving to make it perfect, we are looking to capture the essence of nature. Each line, each stroke, is deliberate and purposeful, capturing the nuanced texture and form of the subject. Patience is key in botanical drawing, as we grow together, you will see how your skills grow letting the artwork evolve organically. Throughout the process, we will revel in the play of light and shadow on the leaves, the graceful arcs of the stems, and the captivating geometry of each flower. Beyond the mere replication of the plant, botanical drawing also becomes a personal interpretation – a unique expression of the artist's perspective and connection with nature. We breathe life into our artwork, giving it soul and spirit. As a artist, I am so excited to guide others on this botanical journey. I see my students grow in their ability to observe, their patience to render details, and their deep appreciation for the natural world. With each stroke, they uncover the artist within and discover the therapeutic power of this artistic meditation. Botanical drawing is more than just an art form; it is a way of connecting with nature and finding harmony in the world around us. So, whether you're an aspiring artist or simply seeking a new way to commune with nature, I cannot wait to see you fall in love with the captivating art of botanical drawing. Let's let nature's beauty inspire us to create something truly extraordinary together!

  • Zentangle and Botanical Drawing seem pretty different. Why are you blending them together?

    Firstly, Zentangle and Botanical Drawing may appear different at first glance, but they share some fascinating similarities that make them an excellent pair. Zentangle is an art form focused on creating intricate, structured patterns in a repetitive and meditative manner. It encourages relaxation, mindfulness, and the exploration of creativity through simple, deliberate strokes. On the other hand, Botanical Drawing revolves around capturing the intricate details and beauty of plants and flowers through observational drawing. It requires attention to botanical elements like texture, form, and light, resulting in stunning renditions of nature's wonders. So, why blend these two together? Well, combining Zentangle and Botanical Drawing offers a unique and refreshing approach to art. I have broken down the more complicated florals into steps similiar to the Zentangle process. By incorporating the structured and repetitive patterns of Zentangle into botanical illustrations, artists can infuse their drawings with a captivating rhythm and flow. This blending of the abstract along with the realistic allows artists to explore their personal expression and creativity. Furthermore, the amalgamation of these two art forms enriches the creative process. It enhances focus, encourages artistic exploration, and fosters a deeper connection with nature through mindful observation and drawing. In this program, the aim is to embrace the beauty of both Zentangle and Botanical Drawing, encouraging artists to explore the synergy between the two. I believe that this fusion offers a fresh and exciting way for artists to express themselves, connect with nature, and find joy in the creative journey.